The Course continues working to be able to contribute with good knowledge and experience to the music students. Music Professors with international prestige, impart the mastership of twelve instruments, chamber music and symphony orchestra.

In July, Cervera becomes our country’s musical reference.




The XXXIX Cervera’s International Music Course is going to start Sunday, 21st of July, welcoming all students as of 10:00 AM. At 12:00 PM, each Professor is going to give a class-meeting with the corresponding students in order to establish the timetables as well as the coordination of the Course.

The students will receive a minimum of 4 lessons and they will be able to attend, as listeners, to any of the sessions and activities that will take place during the event.

The symphonic instruments’ students will participate in the Course’s Orchestras and they will also do a minimum of 5 rehearsals with the Director of this instrumental group as well.

All students are going to have the opportunity to play in musical auditions, to participate in the Vila Closa Festival, and in some concert that takes place in the International Music Festival only if the Professor considers it appropriate.

The students who may need the service of a pianist accompanist should bring their corresponding musical scores printed.

The Chair, with l’Obra Social “La Caixa”’s support, is calling grants for Cervera’s International Music Course. For further information, click here. To check the granted students list, click here.

The students will be given a free ticket for the XXXIX Cervera’s International Music Festival concerts.

On Tuesday, July 23rd , is going to take place the XVI Luthiers’ Fair.

Cervera’s Emili Pujol Chair is offering different types of music courses:


  • Cervera’s International Music Course

    • Addressed to postgraduate students, students of higher degree and professional grade students

    • From July 21st to July 28th

    • Price: 290€

  • Chamber’s music course

    • Addressed to solid chamber groups

    • Imparted by Emile Cantor, Laurentiu Sbarcea, Manel Valdivieso and others (still to determine with the Course Organization)

    • From July 21st to July 28th

    • Price: 140€ per student

  • Cervera’s International Music Course and Chamber’s Music Course

    • Addressed to postgraduate students, students of higher degree and professional grade students. Also, to solid chamber groups

    • From July 21st to July 28th

    • Price: 370€

  • Trumpet Intensive Course

    • Imparted by Nicola Barreca

    • From July 19th to July 21st

    • Price: 90€

  • Bass Intensive Course

    • Imparted by Mariona Mateu

    • From July 22nd to July 24th

    • Price: 90€

  • Listener

    • Price: 50€





To register to Cervera’s International Music Course, it is needed to fill in the form duly conscious and make the corresponding payment effective. Note that there is the option of fractioned payment split into two (until Friday, July 5th).


Necessary documents to make the registration effective:

  • VISA card, MasterCard or PayPal.

It's essential that the student -during the stay in Cervera- bring the following documentation:

  • Student’s ID

  • Parent’s or tutor’s ID (only if the student is under 18 years old)

  • Student’s Healthcare Card (only if the student is under 18 years old)

  • Registration slip, monthly payment or other supporting documentation (only if the student is enrolled in Cervera’s Music Conservatory)

Registration period ends on Friday, July 19th, 2019. Bear in mind, though, that as of Friday, July 5th , registrations requiring maintenance and accommodation are not going to be available.

Once the payment is effective, each registered student will receive an e-mail with the registration confirmation.


In case of a resignation to the registration once it is complete, 75% of the paid amount and 100% of the purchased services will be given in return.



The Organization provides accommodation with particular families who volunteer to receive students in their homes, but there is also the residence of the Course. Also, the maintenance in a restaurant situated very close to Cervera’s University is provided.

  • Full board accommodation: breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep: 287€

  • Lunch only: 77€

  • Sleep only: 112€

The Organization does not provide accommodation for those students that, on December 31st, 2018, are under 14 years old.

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